There are many articles about how men wish to find the perfect fitting suit, how to find the best suit for value of money or why do we even need bespoke-made suits in our lives for instance.

One of things we can at least all agree on is that people need suits. They are a need as well as a want. An object that can be purely functional and almost utility based in the workplace, yet at the same time an item that can turn from these adjectives into a splendour feeling creation that can give you confidence in these environments and let out a little bit of uniqueness.  This is what we aim to do at McCann Bespoke Tailors.

And what better time to think about what suit you may need, following on from bi-annual event of London Fashion Week Men’s. Once you’re in the suit game, you begin to know your own preferences. Whether this is single vs. double-breasted, pinstripe vs. plain, notch lapel vs. peak, patch pocket vs. jetted pocket. These are things in which most people will stick to; they know what works for them. But varying each season is cloth/colour/pattern/shape and these can be an inspiration for when the occasion arises that they’re suit has been worn to its fullest or in what of for a special occasion.

We’ll talk you through some of the main points relating to what we’ve seen at fashion week, even if apparently one trend is the ‘Anti-Suit’. There was much less traditional tailoring on the scene, however a lot of interesting cuts. ‘Anti-Suit’ doesn’t necessarily mean what it might appear to. It’s more for the new generation of men stepping into the workplace that is offering a new type of relaxed dress code. It can still involve a suit, but might include streetwear/sportswear in the mix, or with ensembles that match but aren’t actually made up of suit components.

This can also lead onto a main style point, particularly as at McCann’s we also do casual wear, its important to think about how your suit could look if worn with a t-shirt and trainers, or if worn as separates. This is not only fashionable, but also gives an expensive item more uses. As Tom Batemen from Mr Porter states:

“Men are changing in how they dress and it’s not just about wearing a suit to the look smart in. Everyone’s more athletic nowadays but if you’re a gym type I would always advise against shying away from anything closely fitted to show off your physique; it doesn’t work and looks strained.”

As seen below on Richard Beidul at LFWM:


We often get a lot of our clients corresponding through email and wanting inspirational images sent, mostly for either casual or evening wear looks that they are wanting to go for something different and need advise or suggestions. This is when Men’s Fashion Week and places like GQ can really come into helping; we also have a pinterest, which features specific categories of looks our clients might be specifically wanting

One of the new designer looks we have been showing to our clients are Oliver Spencer, in which his collection showed a lot of rich colours in corduroy, tweed, velvet etc textures have been high on our client’s agenda lately and we’ve recently been ordering cloths of corduroy and moleskin, particularly in this cold late winter weather.

Below you can see an Oliver Spencer double-breasted brown jacket (double-breasted are often seen as very smart) in which the sleeves have been rolled up and paired with corduroy trousers and worn with a t-shirt underneath. Which just goes to show how you can think going to a bespoke tailors you might just be coming out with just a smart suit, but you can use those components in so many different ways to work with your casual wardrobe. It’s all about layering; put a polo neck or a granddad collar underneath instead of that smart shirt, as seen with the tweed suit. And don’t forget the tweed suit we did for Grey Fox Blog using Woven in the Bone cloth, that we have been getting many interest and orders through. It’s your time to design!


Here is a recent suit we have made for a client in deep green corduroy. Also moleskins top collars have been making a rise for us in casual wear, constantly adding to that overall look of texture we want to see in this cold brisk weather. We can see how well the moleskin collar works with the check of the cloth, as it’s a matt fabric it brings another dimension to the look and calms down the overall check. Designer’s looks are all about the details and with looks like this you can then bring in slight touches of colour through the accessorises, even if it’s a bold colour such as the red, it works. Though if going for a textured tie, such as the knitted red, we’d then suggest a plain pocket square of the same colour to keep it cyclical yet simple.


Get in touch if you’d like one of our specialists to talk you through how to make your casual look work and if there is anything specific you’ve seen here or elsewhere we can help you with.

We’d thought we’d give you another Ashes themed blog post, to celebrate the team moving on from Adelaide to Perth. We’ve looked to the present with our current fashion leading cricketing stars and with Christmas just finished, lets take it Christmas Carol style and have a look at Cricketing Fashions from the past.

Historical fashions come in to play with this one, from the pitch to off the pitch. With suits from what the stars wore as well, in a range of styles that we can draw on to the present day. It’s interesting to see how the fashioning styles of the time are transferable into the cricket wear.

For example, in the pictures below of Lindsay Hassett and Ernie McCormick who were both Australian cricketers before the Second World War, show them wearing wide legged trousers/oxford bangs, which were a key feature in men’s tailoring in the 1940’s and 50’s. Even the club jackets are in keeping with the fashion with the very wide notch lapels, they also sport the embroidered logo on the patch pocket in which we still keep this traditional look for todays club jackets. (See our most recent post of the latest club jacket we at McCann’s did for Surrey Cricket team and check out their website for everything Oval)


One of the main players we will look to, who is arguably the best cricketer of all time, is WG Grace. We can even draw comparisons to our current England Cricketer Moeen Ali, with that striking beard which we probably haven’t seen on the cricket pitch since WG’s time.  In todays fashions beards are on the fore front in many different shapes and sizes, particularly in the hipster spheres, however Moeen wears it for a reason and wishes to use his status for it to be known “I wear the beard as a label,” he said. “I want people to know I am a Muslim and I want people to know I am representing the Muslim faith.”


WG was in what we’d call the ‘Golden Age of cricket’.  It was cricket in its infancy with being one of the first true sporting famous superstars that we look up to, in posts like the previous. He was not only recognisable for his beard but also his figure combined with that, a rather large size about him that did not disrupt his leading amazing cricketing skills and was one of the dominant players of the beginning influential era, often called the Doctor, Master or Champion.  For more on WG Grace check out this bio overview.

However, back to the fashion we can see a lovely cap sported by WG Grace, so what about what they wore on their heads? Compared to now we have turned away from the classic soft, short peaked cap, made from felt it would normally be right on the top of the head in either a tight fitting style as we see to the right or a baggier style as we see below sported by Don Bradman. Sadly, not common now but the cricket cap used to be a fashionable form of headwear for people who were casually dress and not necessarily worn just for playing cricket, it could be transferable. They would often be in multi-coloured stripes dependent on the cricket club.


We often now see the more wide brimmed cricket sun bucket hats in a panama type style as seen on Stuart Broad in the previous cricketing blog post or mostly now opt to wear a wear basketball cap with the club logo on, which again the basketball cap is worn in many different situations today.


Don Bradman sporting the hats here is another sportsman widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time and became Australia’s top sporting idol at the height of the Great Depression. He was so good at scoring a controversial set of tactics were specifically devised known as Bodyline by the England team to try and curb his scoring. Following a enforced hiatus due to the Second World War, he made a dramatic comeback, captaining an Australian team known as “The Invincibles” on a record-breaking unbeaten tour of England.


As a sporting hero he had an impeccable style off the pitch. Pictured above with fellow teammate Ernie McCormick.  His style was attacking and entertaining and drew in spectator’s high numbers. However he wasn’t a fan of the constant adulation, but this focus on him from the public, which would often affect his relationship with teammates, and he later became very reclusive.

In the above photo he is pictured in the height of fashion in a wide peaked lapel and wide striped suit, with the longer collar on the shirt and hat, he mostly favourite the three piece, with a matching waistcoat.


We now look to shirts. They have always remained casual, as seen here on Andy Ducant with the buttons open. Often polo shirts though with a larger collar and buttoning a lot lower down with wider space in-between the buttons than your regular modern polo shirt. It would have originally been in thicker cotton and shown here in the dual colour.

If we look to slighter closer to today, though still perhaps far away enough, to the 1970 & 80’s we can see quite an evolution of the uniform, particularly in the fabrics and colour and we focus on shirts. Below we have the incredible Ian Botham sporting a most of the time hairstyle and moustache and Australian Ian Smith showing that move into colour.


To show the real transformation, back in 2002 the New Zealand cricket team revisited history and donned the teams 1980’s beige jerseys, which were produced at the dawn of coloured clothing, however was considered a fashion disaster and most definitely not as becoming as the previous classic traditional styles we’ve spoke of previously.  They eventually moved on to teal and the finally black, which the team are most known for.


If you want to check out more of history greatest cricket players check out:

For all your up to date Ashes News head over to the Ashes Website:

And to leave you on some great team photos from the ages:


Not satisfied enough? Get more Ashes News on:


To mark our Season of Sport and to celebrate the start of the Ashes, McCann’s have taken a look at the most fashionable cricket players of all time and have lovingly crafted a list, in our opinion, of the best dressed players who we think rule the game.  You may even notice that some of our list even features a few of our Ambassadors, though obviously we aren’t biased!

Hopefully we’ve put together a list that really shows the cricketers with the strongest fashionable suit game. The qualities we have looked for are as follows:

 Shape/Style – It’s important to look at shape when suits are concerned. Particularly with some of our latest England team players and their specific heights. We at McCann’s think that often the most stylish man is the most simply dressed.

Confidence – It’s also about having confidence in the way sportman wear their clothes. Confidence is something that oozes out of a lot of sports personalities.

Swagger – It’s all about attitude. The best looks are the ones which look like they have just been thrown on but automatically look good because the suit are well cut, well made and well pressed. That laid-back feeling of the likes of Steve McQueen is the aim.

If you are looking to emulate the three points above, we would suggest a simple navy blazer with a white button down shirt  and a grey suit to help you create the polished look.

It is also good to remember that it isn’t always just about the suits. The smaller touches count too. Even on the cricket pitch we see the boys specific style coming through, with the way they style and wear their sports gear: the pullovers, the hats, buttoned or unbuttoned, jewellery, layering of tshirts/polos etc. It’s these little touches that make them stand out in the style stakes.

Now lets take a look at the players!

In no particular order:

Stuart Broad


Stuart Broad who plays for England has been a client of ours since 2012 and we recently even suited and booted his father, a previous cricketer for his wedding this year.

The world has seen him from a teenager striding into his 30’s and keeping very dapper at that. Opting for grey hues, he can do every occasion perfectly, even pulling of a double-breasted suit, which can often be associated with an older audience.

Knowing when to combine the casual jacket with jeans and the knitwear is also key as shown above. The tux was made by us in which we worked with Stuart to pick the elements he wanted for the occasion, such as the wider peaked lapel in satin and the low cutting waistcoat.

Steven Finn


Steven Finn is great for his off duty casual cool sports looks, but when dressed in evening attire, he knows how to do it. He has been a client of ours since 2010 and we have often decked him out with dinner suits and 2 piece suits. Especially with his very tall physique it’s important to tailor to that appropriately, to keep the design still looking crisp. We have also recently just dressed him for fellow teammate Jos Buttler’s Wedding in the full morning coat suit attire, along Chris Woakes and other fellow cricketers.

Kumar Sangakarra

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar is one of our best clients, he has bought many a garment from us over the years and we often end up with stacks of his clothes ready for him to try on in our storage wardrobe department. He’s a Sri Lankan player and has played for Surrey at the Oval until he retired in 2015. Forever looking the dapper, well put together chap in many a 2-piece suit and often keeps his style classy. He opts for beige, browns and navy’s with us and if you wish to copy his style, his most recent purchase is a beautiful light brown almost tweed like cashmere from Loro Piana casual jacket. Check out our instagram for updates on new orders to the shop!

Jason Roy


Jason is a South African England Cricketer for who also plays for Surrey. He’s a recent client of ours and we’ve in fact just done all the suits for his wedding groomsmen. Also as we are now in partnership with Surrey Cricket club, we fitted him and all his teammates for the new club blazers.  In terms of style, he’s more for the brighter different coloured hues when it comes to his suits. Particularly in the burgundy number in which a very similar suit was sported by our very own tailor Alex Katseph.

Jos Buttler


Jos Buttler is another one of our clients who we have recently just made morning coat attire for him and his wedding party, which included fellow cricketers including Steven Finn and Chris Woakes. He opted for all to have their own different coloured waistcoats with traditional dress. Quite a simple but effective dresser combined with his good looks can pull off the subtle suits with the bold accessories. He plays for Lancashire and England however sadly didn’t make it onto this year’s Ashes in Australia.


Continuing our great relationship with Leicester City Football Club, we have created a new look, which they have been wearing to their matches this season!

We’ve incorporated a smart-casual look this time round, with a deeper navy blue jacket in an Italian super 110’s, inside teamed with a royal blue lining and white trim, finished with each individuals initials embroidered inside. Teamed with an Italian charcoal grey flannel trouser with mother of pearl buttons. We also included a grey merino wool cardigan from John Smedley, which gave a more unique and comfortable feel. In order to keep it contemporary we made the notch lapels skinnier than previously. This slimmer fit was also applied to the Egyptian cotton shirts that are made to the boy’s specific measurements.

In keeping with the team colours the ties have been meticulously designed focusing on the foxes head that has been repeated down the tie and embroidered in a darker thread over the finest woven silk body, giving it a much sleeker design than previous.


All the players, coaching and supporting staff were individually fitted by one of our tailors Neil McCann or Alex Katseph. See below some of the photos from when they travelled up to Leicester to fit the players.

Yohan Benalouane sharing a moment of laughter with Neil McCann


Ben Hamer all suited up.


Checking that final fit with Shinji Okazaki.


Alex and Neil with team captain Wes Morgan.

This season the boys have played nine games, won three and drawn two, not a bad start to the season with still many more exciting games to come. We are forever gaining interest from our sponsorship with Leicester and we will continue to support them in their future games!

Here are the fixtures so far and up and coming:

Burnley – 2nd December
Huddersfield – 1st January
Watford – 20th January
Swansea – 3rd February
Stoke – 24th February
Newcastle – 7th April
Southampton – 21st April

We’re ready to get in our executive box!


Finally here is how the boys look in the finished suits and looks, walking through the stadium to get their game on. If you’d like to get a similar look, feel free to contact us for an appointment and we can create a look just for you.

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 23: Leonardo Ulloa of Leicester City arrives at King Power Stadium ahead of the Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at King Power Stadium on September 23rd, 2017 in Leicester, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images)
LEICESTER, ENGLAND - September 09: Danny Simpson arrives ahead of the Premier League match between Leicester City and Chelsea at King Power Stadium on September 09 , 2017 in Leicester, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images)

Grey Fox Blog and Woven in the Bone Collaboration


Grey Fox Blog teamed up with Woven in the Bone to create some beautiful tweed fabric from the Hebrides for a project on creating a truly British product. A suit made from British Wool produced from British Sheep, hand woven and created in the UK.

We met her back in July after the suit was produced and spoke to her about how she got to be where she is today, how the cloths are produced and what she gets up to on Savile Row.

We believe that craft is truly important, and more and more now it’s becoming a truly recognised and need to be acknowledged discussion.


A bespoke suit in itself is something that exercises craft, skill, handmade qualities, expertise and the experimental. Its something that mostly one man would get once in his life and cherish. This being said, it’s therefore the new generation to get started on; in terms of making that first purchase, the young training under the grand masters of the trade to keep the craft alive and passing it on through the generations. Craft is especially strong in London, with influences of handmade items with London Craft Week, London Design Week and recently Frieze Art Fair. Particularly in our disposable society of short-term purchases there seems to be an appeal for handmade items intended for keepsakes and stop the incessant nature of buying and returning things that don’t fit properly online.


People can tend to undervalue craft and over-value price. Particularly with designers people expect superb quality for the price they are paying but that’s often not the case. Or it can work the opposite way, people don’t understand the high cost of something that is hand crafted, and the amount of hours and skill put in.

Even with the social media generation, people are more and more interested in how things are made, and with these easy access mediums we can truly see how a product has been made and who they’ve been made by. Which is why this project with Woven in the Bone worked so well and was of keen interest. She truly uses her platforms to show her skill through photos and videos of her hand weaving looming techniques and where they end up across her social media. A lot of the time with British manufacturing, tradition is where the point lies and its trying to bring it up to date in the modern world with the design of it to appropriate to the new age.


Sam is the sole creator of Woven in the Bone. Having previously worked in interior design in Australia for 20 years where she focused on Merino and fine worsted wools her now main focus in tweeds. The business is now four years old and she has three looms in her studio in Scotland, which is where she is original from. It is only her that weaves the fabric, and now her business is expanding she has a technician to thread up the looms so she can work on weaving 3 looms at a time. The looms themselves are Victorian and sourced from the Hebrides, which are called Hattersley, she spoke of the local community there, who are small knit close group and would often help her out with breakages.

Savile Row is slowly catching onto her amazing cloths, in which she offers her own set pattern options or bespoke designs for specific clients. The cloths are in a fabulous colour palette in complementing hues, which we now hold a stock swatch folder of her works in our shop for any aspiring tweed suitors!

Therefore when Grey Fox Blog came to us asking for this specific bespoke order using Woven in the Bone fabric we were very pleased and excited. On our website you’ll be able to see our different grades of tailoring, as shown below in which David opted for our fully bespoke option which has the highest hand work with all traditional tailoring qualities, to ensure the best possible fit. Our tailors Neil and Alex worked closely with Grey Fox Blog to achieve the specific style he wished for, in terms of lapels, pockets and opening. The simple siloutte emphasises his slim physicque and maintains the focus on the beautiful cloth.


We always try to offer the customer a level service to demonstrate our skill at giving them exactly what imagined. As a company we are building and maintaining our brand, and we realise more and more that it’s the storytelling of a brand and a story about the product on the person, whether that’s a blogger, a city banker, a sportsman or a passer by on the street; that is what interests people on the street and online.


Therefore helping our clients create often difficult or unusual purchases, to use whatever cloth they bring us. The gentleman below brought us this cloth from India, that is 37 years old, its raw hand-woven silk. He told us, that it had taken him this long to find a tailor’s that had been willing to make it up for him, he had been turned away numerous times. For the loose weave of the structure of the fabric, does make moulding to the body and working with the canvas much harder to lay flat, however we were not going to turn him away again.

By having these kinds of relationships and unique projects with clients you’re telling a story about what makes a garment valuable to the outside world and its owner, rather than just showing a suit for its value in the most expensive cloth, we believe its about showing what a company can do for you.


We have just had the mass shows of London Fashion week flurry past us, and its now to look at how tailoring is a big trend this season. Tailoring is obviously a classic that is worn and worn, but each season it’s slightly updated and changed to make it more relevant. We may only do men’s tailoring at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from looking at some of the possible tailoring trends, street style and inspiration that anyone can incorporate into their wardrobe. Especially as we are a London based tailors, so we feel at McCann’s its important to keep in touch with all things London and Fashion.


Why not get inspiration from the street; they are many a great street style blogs, and the shows bring together a hybrid of people that if you look carefully an influx of tailoring is out there. Here at McCann’s we will be getting to the streets and seeing some our most favourite ‘McCann Type’ looks, on our social media pages, so keep checking and get informed!

Clothes are becoming more genderless and more androgynous; there are things we can take from both sides of fashion genders. Even if we can’t take bespoke shapes from the other gender we can take colour schemes, patterns, and mirror them into our outfits.


To take a quick look at how some designers are branding men and womenswear we can see Daks, as seen above. Which this season, they went for a very strong English archetype, almost Royale Regatta look. They have bold jacket shapes but a muted colour scheme, they showing how to wear white in a stylish way, especially with the dark leather brogues or even to mirror your other half in a way that would actually work. These pairings are all about keeping it simple and focusing on the jacket shape above all else. They make for perfect smart/casual looks and a way to work on perfecting your non-matching suit look.

If your feeling inspired and wanting that Bespoke service ready for the new year, then you’ve got plenty of time to get at it, and come to us to talk about the trends you’ve seen and want to emulate, if this English quintessential look spoke to you, something more subtle or even more outlandish.


A top trend this season is 80’s power dressing, take Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl for reference for example, therefore what better era to look at for menswear around the city. The powerful shapes have been re-worked in paler hues for a challenging work-wear look. Or even if you’re about that casual working, use the power dressing in a different way to make certain statements about how you work. Bring them up date; why not choose to pair them with some trainers, or funky socks of the season.


It’s definitely all about the colours of your suit this season. To leave on a great note, below was a keen favourite in teal colour. This styled with the model having a shaved head, certainly shows how anything can worn, don’t just think of this as a woman’s suit, this could definitely be seen on a man around the city, its subtle, yet powerful to wear walking into a meeting.


On September 8th and 9th we presented at Andaz London hotel in Liverpool Street for their Wedding Fair.


We were invited to set up on the Press evening and initial thoughts of the building were of a very luxury high standard. Our stand was in the first wine lounge room, and it was a decorative display of centrepieces, lilac flower displays, and glamorous lighting. With our tailoring stand we were surrounded by other suppliers, a photographers and a wedding cake stand next to us with jewellery companies across the room; all were laid out simplistic compositions, everything related well and worked off each other.

Myself and our new tailor Carl were greeted with champagne and canapés of beef, mushrooms, chicken, pastries etc. We were proud to be the only tailoring company that was partaking in the fair and in which we displayed two mannequins with a bespoke baste and a morning coat. We also had an array of our best-matched wedding cloth books from Loro Piana, Dugdale etc. And with a wedding appropriate colour scheme of our Fiorio handmade Italian ties.

As well as what we were receiving from the hotel we also offered out our own gift bags, with a pair of our luxury socks and a flyer stating our specific offers for the attendees. We even gave out some Whiskey to fully give viewers the ultimate experience of what we had to offer.


After speaking to some very lovely couples from different magazines and companies, we were then all ushered to see the different rooms the venue had to offer and also to see the other suppliers, firstly the Great Eastern and Gallery, then into Bishopsgate and Chancery room and then finally into the Temple for an Andaz Cocktail and DJ.

The hotel is unique in itself with opulent, elegant rooms with Victorian interiors in a great location of central London City, yet giving a quirky unique look; particularly for those east London couples.

For some inspiration for your wedding here’s some of our wedding photos from clients and most recently of Liam Moore who plays for Reading football club.


Surrey Cricket


We are pleased to announce our official partnership with Surrey Cricket Club! We had some fittings with the players a few months ago at Kia The Oval with the players and our tailors Neil and Alex.

We will be responsible for all of the team and coaching staff members in supplying their bespoke jackets, for club engagements throughout the season. Particularly in keeping with the club summer jackets.

The Jackets are made from an Italian Barbaris Navy Blue super 120’s flannel cloth, which has a luxurious soft handle. The team’s club Surrey Crest is embroidered on a patch pocket on the chest, and works with the cloth to be lightweight and durable to keep them going through the season yet still showing a contemporary fit. Not forgetting inside there is a royal blue lining with a gold trim around the edges, reflecting the club logo.


This will be McCann’s third cricket partnership. While already having a strong cricket involvement and interest, for example with Cricket United we also have long standing client relationships and dress players such as Kumar Sangakarra, Ian Botham, Joss Butler, Jason Roy, Stuart Broad etc.

The fittings went smoothly, and were right before Surrey’s game with Essex Cricket club, in which they happened to have a fine win. Minor adjustments were made to get the perfect fit, which is highly important to us and particularly being sportsmen, important to match to their athletic physiques.

Surrey Director of Cricket, Alec Stewart says: “A big thank you to McCann Bespoke Tailoring for supplying the Surrey blazers to the playing squad. I am sure the players and management will enjoy wearing them at various club events.”

Owner and Director of McCann Bespoke, Neil McCann says: “It’s been a pleasure working with the team and the staff behind the scenes to create the new jackets. I’m very excited about this partnership and looking forward to a successful season working with the club.”


We also even dabbled in women’s tailoring for the club jackets. Which just goes to show off our tailoring skill even more. Menswear is our primary focus and we are working towards our female clientele. It’s all about the ergonomics of the body, and this particular jacket fitted like a dream. We hope to see it in use!

Surrey Country Cricket Club Members receive 25 % off all McCann Bespoke Tailoring products and services. Head over back to our website to check out our prices and book an appointment.


Cricket United

McCann’s have had a great partnership with Cricket United being their official tailors for a good few years now. on the Saturday 29th July we decked out Sky commentators Shane Warne and Shaun Pollock and BBC Test Match Special commentators Mark Nicholas, Geoffrey Boycott, and Dan Norcross. This year was slightly different, with it falling on the Kia Oval’s 100th Test match and 60th Birthday of the Test Match Special. Though lets not forget the women’s being its 106th Test match!


Cricket united is three charities, with the one aim to change lives through cricket. The Lord Taverners which provides more sporting chances for disadvantaged and disabled young people, Chance to Shine which spreads the power of cricket in schools and communities and PCA Benevolent Fund which runs a confidential counselling service, providing advice and treatment to players suffering from debilitating issues, either mentally or physically.

We made royal blue and pastel blue jackets in a Bateman Odgen Merino Wool, which are a symbol for the charity. With a red lining and stitching to echo a cricket ball and finished with Mother of Pearl buttons.
Both of our tailors were there for the day, and here’s our Alex Katsef with England legend. And our Neil McCann fitting Sean Pollock.

You can get involved by simply wearing blue to the cricket ground, wearing a Cricket United cap or organising a Blue Bails Day at your local cricket club, Although this is celebrating the day, any day can be raising awareness and supporting the cause. You can also donate here: or text ‘CRICKET’ to 70123 and donate £5.

The charity helps many different causes from people like Jamie Hood, former Yorkshire Cricketer who had a serious road accident, or schoolboy Harry who is autistic and has used cricket at school to improve his self-confidence.

Another fundraising effort was tweeting with the hashtag #OvalDoodle and posting pictures of doodling famous cricket players with the players drawing other cricketers to be bidded off. Which is a great way to encourage art and sport together!

Not only did we supply the commentators with jackets, but for those that one to keep looking great and support a great cause if you quote ‘CRICKETUTD20’ when ordering from us, we’ll donate 20% of your order to Cricket United.


Neil McCann, owner of suit-makers McCann Bespoke, is delighted to once again be supporting the charitable event.

“We’ve been working in cricket for many years now, so it felt very natural for us to get involved in Cricket United again this year, after tailoring suits for the commentators for last year’s event. We’re all part of the ‘cricket family’ at the end of the day, and initiatives like Cricket United really serve to bring all cricket lovers closer together. The blue suits are a great way for all of us to demonstrate our support on the day. We hope they become an annual fashion staple!”

The silk ties have also been made by McCann and have been meticulously and specifically designed for Cricket United, involving all three charities logo’s woven into the silk.


The Art of The Football Shirt at the Truman Brewery


Football and Fashion are fundamental to McCann’s. So when the team heard about “The Art of the Football Shirt’ exhibition put on by the trade show Jacket Required, we knew we needed to go see and share with our customers! For not only of football fan interest, but also for inspiration, these many patterns and colours could even been used and produced as bespoke linings inside your jackets!

The exhibition itself was held at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, Shoreditch, a trendy location for the vintage wearing football shirt fan, opening on Wednesday 26th July. It celebrates the elevation of shirt design to an art form. Especially with how now when watching some football team designs you do often wonder if they are trying to out fluorescent each other and just design to distract the other team.

Separated into sections of music, street, politics etc, the curator Neal Heard, fashion historian and avid football shirt collector has led you around the room using these different aspects to propel the insight further. It explores football with popular culture, pushing you through history, showing noticeable


With graphic prints from the shirts masked on the walls, it gives a running unity throughout the room. Seeing them aside from the shirts, it gives us inspiration to think of them to be used in different ways. Particularly if not an avid football fanatic, these retro designs can still be appreciated from fabric, cut, collars, colours, badges etc. From our bespoke tailoring heads, you can wander around and even imagine ties or pocket squares that are screen-printed or woven in the iconic and nostalgic pieces we’ve seen gracing our screens, pitches, streets and public figures.


They are belonging items that can strike cord with people throughout ages and language. Speaking to other exhibition goers, these shirts would transport them back to specific moment they’d witnessed and remembered.

On this more fashion front, you can appreciate the innovation for player performance with the ever changing types of fabric due to technology, from thin, elasticated cotton even woollen blends to now 100% polyester in knitted meshes to make them a lot more breathable and let’s say sweat friendly!


Street wear really brought forward the use of sportswear into everyday, and obviously the football shirt. Particularly when those have been made designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, YMC and now we have specific streetwear brands Patta and Palace that even sell straight up football shirt inspired tops, with many wearers not wearing the shirt because its their team, its because of the status, print, the colour and what it symbolises to them or to the passer-by. Especially now as football shirt culture is moving away from the football side, and the bad design associations to a more fashion friendly atmosphere.


Even a massive point from when colour TV would have transformed the game massively in the 60s, which wouldn’t have been necessarily linked to fashion but a great time when truly the block bold patterns and colours would have been in full swing with the game, which from going round the exhibition and reading the boards you can really read the impact.

Any item of clothing holds stories to the wearer, and all of these shirts go beyond just the players, and the game. There are some rare pieces that have gained iconic status, particularly with how they have fused with the other worlds, for example music.


In one corner we see dedicated to the music lover, from New Order to Oasis and Bob Marley. Especially when you are seeing these shirts being worn by these kinds of artists, it opens up a whole new audience and stand-alone in a new space, rather than a JD sports. If you’re specifically interesting in seeing more musicians in football shirts, NME has a whole article dedicated to it, so check it out here:


And lets not forget, there was a keen show of politics in the club shirts, showing that if you have that platform to the general public, use it to the advantage, however subtly or bold, with even some kits with LGBT rainbow symbols.
Even the simpler kits can still be appreciated, and work well within the whole showcase. They are now not just a shirt, they are idolised, they mean money and are history.


The people at the show were also of interest to note. It really drew a true variety of viewers, which I feel was the whole point of the exhibition. One of my favorite looks, which I snapped, is below, along with my favorite shirt from the show:


New York Men’s Fashion Week


(David Hart)

New York Fashion Week: Men’s is one of the lesser-known fashion weeks yet is now in its fifth year holding four days of shows of 2018 Spring/summer collections. It follows last month’s menswear shows in London, Paris, Milan and Florence. Although not really known for tailoring, we thought we’d have a look and see what they had to offer for our specific picks of suiting designers, that could lead to an inspiring bespoke suit made by us!

A first firm favourite is David Hart; he has an eye for sartorial craftsmanship and started his first ready-wear menswear collection in 2013. His main concept is keeping a consistent modern look that has a nod to a nostalgic past. It’s for the modern gentleman that could be seen as a confident yet approachable look in this city heat or even poolside with some strong yet subtle colours coming through. This season it’s a very fresh collection and offers some classic evening wear with some playful casual everyday suits. The inspiration this time was a traveller in a Cuban Spirit, with some mid-century swagger.

The Panama’s were a great touch, and its what we’ve liked to see around the city, however the models holding the cigars felt a little too obvious. The cotton and linen fabrics were in lovely hues and were right on the mark. We saw many the candy coloured suit even in street style shots and they are often becoming a firm summer favourite. With what the New York Times calls them: ‘palest banana; faded ocher; mint green; Necco-wafer pink’.


In terms of street style we also keep seeing one of our favourite on trend fabrics of the moment, seersucker! (Please see above) Our Loro Piana ones are the luxurious cooling feeling you need for feeling fashion week influenced.


(Krammer and Stoudt)

Another favourite was Krammer and Stoudt who hold a very West Coast aesthetic, yet for our interest are partnering with Brooklyn based master tailor Martin Greenfield Clothiers who has been described as the best men’s tailor in the United States and on his list of clients holds four U.S Presidents, along with fashioning suits for menswear labels DKNY and Rag & Bone and the television show Broadwalk Empire. They are also in ties with master shirt maker Mitch Gambert, who began to improve the sizing techniques for made to measure shirts, specifying on looking at people’s posture for quality of fit. Which at McCann’s is one of our main priorities when it comes to our work.

Designer Michael Rubin of Krammer and Stoudt brings in the casual-ism to combine with the crisp tailoring that can bring a breezy American feel to your workwear. With inspiration from camping trips as a child in the late Sixties to Baja, Calif, he gave Latin and surfer vibes to the full suits. Textures and stripes were a key part and showed an intriguing waffle-knit stretch suit with slim trousers.

One of the main trends that seemed to come across was relaxed workwear for the globe-trotting entrepreneur, which as many of our McCann’s clients are we know how important the casual jackets and smart jeans looks are. And why not even mix it up with a casual waistcoat look also.  The use of a tailored short can even come into question with a casual jacket to keep cool while on the move in this stultifying heat.


(Hugo Boss)

People want much more of an easiness and lightness and that’s often why people choose bespoke. They know it fits, they can re-order and it’s long lasting so less much hassle. Although this is perhaps the opposite ideal when viewing menswear collections, it can still give the new generation gentleman an idea of items to invest in. Especially in the women’s counter part, where we are inundated with different types of shows each season, menswear in general is slower, and gives you more time to view and appreciate what you want you actually want.

What to wear to Wimbledon?

At McCann’s we believe that sport and fashion go hand in and hand and nothing demonstrates this more than our beloved Wimbledon Tournament. Forget the Lilly whites of the players; you only need to look to the Royal Box for serious style inspiration.


Limited to a strict dress code, the lucky few that get to sit in the Royal Box are already confined to a particular set of rules. Ties – check, long sleeves –check, jeans, what jeans?-  check . All these gruelling restrictions seem to have an adverse effect on everyone’s look. The more rules, the better the style!

In 2012, the Members enclosure issued a stricter new dress code to make sure no standards were slipping. In terms of menswear, men could only wear a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, and of course a tie.


For a Wimbledon inspired suit, you can take a nod to the all whites and choose a fair, light coloured suit. We would recommend a lighter, summery less formal feel with a linen or cotton suit. Or if you are feeling more playful opt for a seersucker suit, with the fabric as seen on our link here instagram. For full suits lets take a look to our best-dressed men from around the world to see how the summer suiting up is done best.


Lovely pastel colours and knitted tie here, from Bennedict Cumberbach, who even compliments his father. Another fabulous colour combination with a slightly dark blue and an olive tie from Dominic Cooper.


However, with dress codes seeming less and less for many of us, what with the boundary pushing of no ties in the house of commons, jeans to theatre, and even with this summer city heat testing what we can even wear to work, it can also appear that Smart-causal is also the way forward.


Denim is now becoming more and more socially acceptable at most sporting events. McCann’s would therefore encourage you to go for a more tailored finish and avoid distressed looks on your jeans. At McCann’s we offer a bespoke jean’s service that would be most suitable to pair and dress up with a smart unbuttoned shirt and blazer or smart jacket.


Over jeans we suggest chinos, especially in this heat the soft cotton blends are going to be much cooler than a heavy jean. We offer a range of smart casual trousers in a range of colours and fabrics, which start from around £250. Any summery additions to add some pops of colour are more than welcome with paisley pocket squares or handkerchiefs like below. Or even opt some different coloured shoes over brown or black to really add to the summer off-court vibes.


And this year with a nod to our golf followers, we see Masters champion Sergio Garcia donning his champion’s Green jacket to watch Rafael Nadal defeat Karen Khachanov along with the dapper rugby great Dan Carter, who’s showing off a strong peak lapel matched with that royal blue tie.


And to finish on some final great looks by some firm favourites, Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler in some beautiful blue hues. David Beckham looking as dapper as ever in a lovely cream checkered jacket and finally on how to wear a horseshoe waistcoat by the fabulous Bradley Wiggins.


On Sunday 18th June at The Oval, Pakistan beat India by an impressive 180 runs to win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final. The winners were rewarded with a hand-stitched jacket, courtesy of London based tailors, McCann Bespoke.

Drawing on the quintessential elegance of the British summer, the cream jackets have been lovingly created with the finest of English wool; a perfect material for a lightweight summers jacket. The jackets were also given a touch a luxury with a gold and silver trim and were finished with flash pocket detailing.

This would be the second time that McCann Bespoke have had the honour to dress the ICC Champions Trophy Winners, when the tournament has been hosted in the UK. Neil McCann, owner and Managing Director of McCann Bespoke says, “ Having been at The Oval yesterday, it made our involvement as a business even more poignant and special. Seeing our jackets on the winners really made us feel part of the celebration.”

For more information please contact

Rugby Union, Autumn Internationals 2017.

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end, however, with the change of season, the Rugby Union calendar steps up a notch and we are expecting great things from the home nations. In this post, we’ll be summarising form, style icons & our star player predictions!

Autumn tests fixtures

England vs. South Africa 12/11/16

England vs. Fiji 19/11/16

England vs. Argentina 26/11/16

England vs. Australia 3/12/16


Wales vs. Australia 5/11/16

Wales vs. Argentina 12/11/16

Wales vs. Japan 19/11/16

Wales vs. South Africa 26/11/16


New Zealand vs. Ireland 5/11/16

Ireland vs. Canada 11/11/16

Ireland vs. New Zealand 19/11/16

Ireland vs. Australia 26/11/16


Scotland vs. Australia 12/11/16

Scotland vs. Argentina 19/11/16

Scotland vs. Georgia 26/11/16


McCann Bespoke Six Nations

In from an enigmatic 3-0 whitewash of the Wallabies “down under” and 2016 Grand slam champions, Eddie Jones and his men are surely cruising into the tests as the ‘team to beat’.

Momentum in sport is everything and the current England squad have that in abundance. Providing they can keep injury and fatigue free in the run-up to the tests, England will welcome the Springboks into Twickenham with an expectant home crowd!

One To Watch

Billy Vunipola was the English talisman last season and has firmly cemented himself in the No.8 slot. We’re expecting big things from the young man again this year.

English Style Icon – Idris Elba

The undisputed King of Cool! For a man with a darker complexion, a light coloured fabric will wear impeccably. Here, he has balanced the ivory checked suit with a patterned tie and pocket square – oozing with class and sophistication. For this look, we suggest the new Loro Piana Abitti collection available in store, a beautiful collection with diverse designs and as the name suggests, able to be worn all year round.

McCann Bespoke


Runners-up in the RBS Six Nations 2016 and always a physical team, coupled with their fluid running, Wales will want to put the summer tests behind them and look forward to welcoming the Rugby fraternity back to Cardiff to the intimidating Millennium stadium for what will be a true ‘Clash of the Titans’ against the Wallabies.

The Welsh squad will be fired-up in front of the home crowd and ready to show the world they are still a force to be reckoned with – Result, Wales 3 wins 1 loss.

McCann Bespoke

One To Watch

The man, the myth, the LEGEND that is Dr Jamie Roberts. A doctor, a musician, Cambridge masters student and of course a rugby powerhouse! Expect to see ‘Lazarus” demolishing the opposition line reminiscent of the Bulls in Pamplona!!

McCann Bespoke

Welsh Style Icon – Taron Egerton

Gone are the days of a pin strip suit being the reserve of the bank manager or your 75 year-old Grandfather. Taron pulls off this suit with ease. The ultimate British signature of a double-breasted jacket and an Oxford shoe. To get this look – we suggest the Dugdale’s Royal Classic collection to be worn with a pair of Loakes. Come in and ask one our of tailors to get you this look.

McCann Bespoke


The boys in green will be looking to their new crop of young talent to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the senior class to get back to dominating the International scene. Transition of a squad is always tough, but nobody can deny Joe Schmitt handled the outgoing stalwarts such as O’Drisscoll and O’Connell with focus and kept the squad motivated throughout.

The Irish will need to bring their aerial game, the power and ruthless aggression they are famous for to combat the Everest that is New Zealand.

Result Ireland – 2 wins 2 defeats.

McCann Bespoke

One To Watch

Sean O’Brien. Providing he recovers from his hamstring injury, the ‘Tullow Tank’ will be front and centre putting the fear of God into anyone who comes near him. The UNIT measurement does not give this man justice!

Irish style icon – Michael Fassbender

Michael pulls off the three piece dinner suit very well. The ideal cloth for this look is Dormeuil Amadeus. With a slight gloss a medium weight, this cloth is perfect for any occasion. Team this cloth with a Horseshoe waistcoat to complete the look.

McCann Bespoke


No longer are Scotland an ‘easy win’, with Gregor Townsend set to take over the reigns in 2017 and the infallible Stuart Hogg in the form of his life – the coming test matches will be an explosive mixture of power and a tactical overhaul giving us an insight into the very exciting future of Scottish Rugby.

Result Scotland – 2 Defeats 1 Win

McCann Bespoke

One To Watch

Stuart Hogg. RBS Six Nations player of the tournament by popular vote for a reason – he is a commanding threat; skilful and dangerous with ball in hand. With the 2017 British and Irish Lions tour around the corner he will be looking to demonstrate how good he really is for the very competitive Full-Back slot.

McCann Bespoke

Style Icon – Gerard Butler

He’s certainly on your wife or girlfriend’s “top 3” list. So if you can’t beat him, let’s join him. This ensemble of a casual jacket/jeans will allow you to work and play in both formal and relaxed settings, a staple for any man to look effortlessly classy. Our exciting range of jeans/chinos and casual jackets will get you here… No comment on the ‘Top 3” list.

McCann Bespoke

With the new season quickly approaching, here at McCann Bespoke, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk you through our best dressed footballers. With access to the worlds very best clothing, it’s no surprise footballers have a fashionable reputation; some choose the slick suited look, others opt for a more casual look. We’ve picked our top three suited and booted gentleman and given you some top tips on how to achieve their enviable look…

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is the go-to guy when it comes to fashion inspiration. He attends and endless array of exclusive events, so it’s important for him to ensure his style is consistent, but different every time. Ok, ok, we all remember his fashion faux pas – and maybe we have his fashion maven wife, Victoria, to thank for his slick style nowadays, but either way – we love it!

David Beckham McCann Bespoke

What we’ve noticed about David Beckham’s suit style is that he likes to keep it simple; and simple, in most people’s books = sophisticated. His suits are mostly made of block colours – he particularly favours navy blue – and he plays it safe with simple pairing colours – like in the image above. The good news is that this look suits pretty much everybody. By opting for a slim fit suit when picking out your initial styling, you’ll ensure that David Beckham’s clean cut look washes off on you! It’s ok to get a bit inventive with your tie options if you’re going for a plain suit. David Beckham is rocking the ever-popular knitted tie in the picture above. Get the look by clicking here.

2. Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry’s fashion credibility is not up for question. He doesn’t play by the rules – his suits are often a little bit out there, and that’s why we like him. The Arsenal striker turned pundit always looks effortlessly sharp on Sky, making him a clear winner for our coveted (yes, coveted) number 2 position.

Thierry Henry McCann Bespoke

Where David Beckham gives us a touch of classic British sophistication, Thierry Henry gives us more of a fashionable French masterclass; France is renowned for its fashion the world over for a reason. This slick suit looks effortless – and that’s perhaps why we like it so much – it isn’t too fussy, but it’s still a little different from the standard suits you’ll see everyday. This pattern works best as Thierry has worn it – with a simple shirt, a tie that matches the suit’s primary colour and a nice pocket square to finish the look off.

Pep Guardiola

As the new season approaches, there’s a new manager in town, and he’s looking to steal the title of most fashionable Premier League manager! Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola has got touchline fashion down to a tee, and we’re very grateful!

Pep Guardiola McCann Bespoke

A smart jumper under a suit is something we’re seeing more and more of lately – and we love it. Ok, it’s not a summer look – but don’t you worry, winter is fast approaching! In the UK, sometimes you just need that extra layer, and if you’re going to pull it off like Pep Guardiola, then why not! The rules of wearing a jumper under a suit are actually really simple:

  • Both dark and light jumpers work really well – but dark suits look better with a jumper generally (primarily because light suits are synonymous with summertime!)
  • Opt for a slight v-neck on your jumper to highlight the tie. Crew necks do work, but offer you a more casual overall look.
  • If you want to really show off, why not contrast your jumper to the inside of your suit jacket. Pep Guardiola is a master at this – we’re thinking dark purple shirt, light purple lining – simple!

So there you have it – our top three most fashionable footballing stars! Want to get their look? We can help! Just click here to book an appointment where we can discuss the perfect suit for you. On top of that, we’re hugely excited about being official suit sponsors for both Leicester City FC & Stoke City FC this coming season – so keep an eye out!


Although the weather might not be playing ball, it is officially Summer now. So, it seemed the fitting time for us to launch our latest offer; a free pair of bespoke casual trousers with every Summer Jacket purchased from the Huddersfield Spring/Summer Portofino Range.

What is Huddersfield Fine Worsteds? 

Based in West Yorkshire, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds is an internationally renowned fabric manufacturer supplying the world’s biggest design houses and most prestigious tailors with superior and selectively-sourced fabrics. Combining innovation in their designs, and tradition in their outlook, HFW is the epitome of British elegance with global appeal.

Portofino Range McCann Bespoke

What’s the Portofino Range? 

Portofino by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds is our flagship made in Italy sportcoat collection for Spring and Summer. Inspired by the colourful, sophisticated lifestyle of this exquisite resort, Portofino is the epitome of Italian styling and creativity.

This season the collections proposed by our mill partners from Biella were so compelling that for the first time we are proud to present two separate Portofino ranges for an unprecedented selection of 144 articles. Portofino V offers 76 styles in super 130s lightweight worsed wool, perfect for warm weather suits and jackets, while Portofino VI features 68 styles in the seasons signature natural fibre blends of wool, silk and linen.

Vivid Colours and rich textures in statement checks, plaids, windowpanes and plains are the major fashion stories of these collections. So please join us to discover the excitement, inspiration and sophistication of the jewel of the Italian Riviera, Portofino.

Portofino Summer Jackets from: £795

Portofino Range McCann Bespoke

Will this style of suit, suit me? 

Absolutely – the great thing about a casual suit is the versatility. With 76 different styles in this particular range, you’re sure to find a look that suits you. Yes, the Portofino range classically compromises of statement pieces, but these can be toned down with the right look, or worn just as they are dependent on your style.

Here’s our top tips on how to dress down without compromising on style;

  • Try navy, grey or tan; these are the easiest to dress down. Particularly because black is seen as a classic, formalwear option.
  • Keep it simple; don’t sweat the shirt. If  you’re trying a casual look, you don’t have to be wearing a shirt. A well-fitted t-shirt, button down or jumper can work just as nicely in the right setting.
  • It’s all in the shoes; believe it or not, shoes play a large part in how dressed up an outfit looks. We suggest opting for Loafers over Oxfords and Wing Tips over Formal Pumps for a more casual look.

Portofino Range McCann Bespoke


If you follow our social media accounts, you would’ve seen our latest news; we’re branching into the realms of golf in a big way. Pairing up with avid golfer & cricketing legend, Ian Botham, we’ve created a range of golf trousers representing each colour of the test nations.

The golfing season is well and truly upon us and the countdown to the launch is on. The golf trousers will be available online and in-store, and you can book an appointment to get fitted from now, we’ll keep you updated via our Twitter & Facebook accounts to let you know when they’ll be available online.

So, what’s so good about our trousers? Firstly, as our name suggests, the whole process is entirely bespoke. You can choose from over 30 colours, a range of fabrics, a choice of trims, buttons and bartacks, contrasting pockets and styles and embroidered initials. You can also pick your fit to be exactly how you want it – slim fit or relaxed fit? Cuffed or non-cuffed trousers? A V split in the hem? We’ll even sew in an optional tee holder! We did say bespoke…

Working with Ian Botham was a natural progression for us – his interest in golf is truly remarkable given his aptitude for cricket. As a keen ambassador for McCann Bespoke, his eye for design has really propelled the look forward. You can see some of the colour options available from our shoot below.

Want to be one of the first people to wear these exclusive trousers? Book an appointment today. The lead time for a truly bespoke fit is 3-4 weeks, but a quicker service is available for an extra cost.

McCann Bespoke Golf

McCann Bespoke Golf

McCann Bespoke Golf

McCann Bespoke Golf

McCann Bespoke Golf

This week saw McCann Bespoke opening its doors to a fantastic array of clients and friends to celebrate Leicester City FC’s success in the Premier League. As many of you will know, we are the Official Suit Sponsors of the Premier League winners, which prompted us to have a McCann Bespoke style party.

If you’d like to find out more about the suits the team and management wore throughout the 15/16 season, please click here. The Leicester-inspired range is also available to buy by clicking here.

Here’s some great pictures from the event…

Our Tailor, Alex Katseph, chatting with Bianca Gascoigne

Our Tailor, Alex Katseph, chatting with Bianca Gascoigne


Leicester coloured balloons on the ceiling of the shop.

Leicester coloured balloons on the ceiling of the shop


The party pouring out into the street

The party pouring out into the street


Our guests very much enjoyed the Leicester City inspired cookies!

Our guests very much enjoyed the Leicester City inspired cookies!


...And some of the cupcakes!

…And some of the cupcakes!


Edward & Kris enjoying the warm night outside the shop.

Edward & Kris enjoying the warm night outside the shop.


Some more of the very enjoyable food!

Some more of the very enjoyable food!


The exterior of the shop, ahead of the party...

The exterior of the shop, ahead of the party…


Somebody said something funny!

Somebody said something funny!


Neil McCann, Alex Katseph & City AM's Martin Muncaster

Neil McCann, Alex Katseph & City AM’s Martin Muncaster


More sweets!

More sweets!


Neil McCann being interviewed on the suits

Neil McCann being interviewed on the suits


Nick, Sophie & James posing in front of our sponsors board

Nick, Sophie & James posing in front of our sponsors board


Riccardo singing a fantastic rendition of Andrea Bocelli's end of season song!

Head Of McCann Bespoke Golf, Riccardo, singing a fantastic rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s end of season song!


Riccardo & Ed enjoying the drinks!

Riccardo & Ed enjoying the drinks!


Cufflinks made for Claudio Ranieri, now on sale for £125 in store!

Cufflinks made for Claudio Ranieri, now on sale for £125 in store!

Cravats are such a versatile neck accessory, but more often than not, even the most fashion-savvy of gentleman shy away from them. Why? Because there’s so many rules to this scarf/tie hybrid. When should you wear it? How is it meant to look? Are there any pattern rulings I need to adhere to? Never fear – we’ve put together an all encompassing guide to help you put your neck on the line.

Breaking Down Barriers

Cravats used to be synonymous with the ‘cultured’ man – perhaps at one point you even had to dress a little quirky to get away with wearing a cravat. Nowadays, things are a little different. Sure, you will undoubtedly have some quirk to your everyday attire, but you don’t have to dress up in a suit for work everyday to make the most out of this accessory.

Lets take baby steps; this image below shows a quite toned down cravat option. We create this look by wearing a cravat similar to the colour of the shirt or the jacket. A nice way to ramp up the style levels a little is by adding a pocket square of a similar or contrasting pattern. Check out the image below for style inspiration.

McCann Bespoke Cravat

Showing Off Your Cravat

People have a tendency to think if you’re wearing a cravat it has to be the highlighting point of your outfit – the truth is, it doesn’t. Lets take a look at the image below as an example. The highlight of the gentleman’s outfit is his knitted yellow waistcoat. He has also fitted his cravat in a way that it doesn’t ruffle outside of his collar. This particular look adds another level of style and helps bring an outfit to life. What we’re showing you here is a slightly bolder look than the muted tones of the first style and is perhaps the gateway to a totally different style.

McCann Bespoke Cravats

Does It Have To Be Tucked Into A Shirt? 

Not at all – you can miss the tucking into the shirt stage completely and tuck it straight into the waistcoat. We really like this option; it’s very Ascot-esque. This look is best to be worn in a dressier environment – primarily because waistcoats aren’t everyday wear.

McCann Bespoke Cravats

The Wedding Cravat

Lets not forget that before the age of wearing cravats as everyday wear, they were very much an accessory reserved for weddings. Even though this particular look is deemed a little too traditional for some, with grooms and groomsmen opting for a tie, the wedding cravat is still popular among many. So, what are the benefits of wedding cravats? Well, as we mentioned, the cravat adds a touch of traditional vintage to your look. It turns your look into something more special than a nice suit and looks great paired with a tailcoat.

McCann Bespoke Cravat

Cravats Aren’t Just For Men

Sure, women don’t wear cravats in the same way that men do, but they’re still very cool for female fashionistas. Cravats can be worn as a cool head accessory, or just as a light scarf on a summers day. We’ll leave you to Pinterest scroll through all of the cool cravat looks, but we’ve picked out our favourite, below, for a bit of male/female fashion inspiration!

McCann Bespoke Cravat

Leicester City Football Club’s rise to the top has been a popular talking point up and down the country. Nobody could’ve predicted the team’s ability to overhaul the big guns for the number one spot, 31 games into the season! We’ve received so many questions about our suit sponsorship with the club, and in this blog post, McCann Bespoke’s tailor, Alex Katseph, reveals the ins and outs of their chosen suit design – giving you the opportunity to get the look.


McCann Bespoke Blog

The Suit

The outer fabric of the jacket is an Italian Super 100s material in British Blue. This finer wool material undoubtedly feels nicer and fits just a bit better than a lower grade of wool. We’ve embroidered the left breast pocket with the team’s emblem and completed the jacket look with smoked mother of pearl buttons. The team opted for wider notch lapels, Alex explains the benefits of this look; ‘This gives a contemporary look with a nod to traditional suit styling. We’ve opted for something a little wider than a regular width lapel because wide lapels are extremely popular right now – with fashion weeks across Europe further proving that.’

The lining within the jacket has been chosen to represent the team colours, this look has been created by using contrast stitching and piping, completed with a hand-stitched McCann Bespoke label. So, how do each of the players differentiate their suits when they’re in the changing room? Each suit has the name and squad number of each team member embroidered inside the jacket.

The Tie

The completely bespoke tie is made from the finest silk. It was designed in-house to have the club emblem woven into the bottom of the tie, a subtle and personable touch!

GP_MCC_Leicester Tie

Get The Look

So now you know the ins and outs of how we created the suit, here’s some pictures of the team of the moment and how they wear it. If you’d like to get a similar look, free free to contact us for an appointment and we can create a look just for you.

Blog_McCann Bespoke

Blog_McCann Bespoke


Christian Fuchs

Pictures copyright Plumb Images Editorial use only. Maximum 45 images during a match. No video emulation or promotion as 'live'. No use in games, competitions, merchandise, betting or single club/player services. No use with unofficial audio, video, data, fixtures or club/league logos.

This week, we caught up with one of McCann Bespoke’s tailors, Alex Katseph, who talked us through the key trends for Spring/Summer Weddings in 2016.

As a groom, choosing a suit can be a big decision, there are so many questions to consider; what time of the year will it be? What are the bridesmaids wearing? What are the colour themes of the wedding? What is your usual style? Do you want to divert away from your usual style? The list is endless.

McCann Bespoke Blog

Ultimately, it’s your choice; you can use your special day to make a fashion statement or enhance your current style. This blog post should give you some tips on what is in fashion at the moment – whether you choose to stick to it is up to you! If you’d like to hear more ideas on how best to style your wedding, we’re always available on 020 7186 0320. You can also gain more inspiration from previous weddings we’ve worked on by clicking here.

So, here are Alex’s top tips to look wedding-ready this year.

Light, Bright Blues

We’ve seen a huge increase in people going for lighter, brighter blues. 2015 was a year for the blues – but we were seeing a lot of navy and dark blue suits ordered. This year, we’re seeing a sharp increase in lighter blues. We’re finding that people are more receptive to a contrasting waistcoat (grey looks fantastic!), but more on that later. The contrasting waistcoat goes amazingly with a brighter blue suit. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking baby blue, but a slightly brighter blue can be great for summer months.

How do you wear this trend? Brown shoes look great with blue suits – it’s interesting to note that brogues are making a comeback in wedding circles, especially as we approach summer. The brogue is synonymous with a rustic, barn-like wedding and as these weddings are super-popular at the moment, we’re seeing a rise in brogues!

Check out our blue suit inspiration Pinterest board by clicking here.

McCann Bespoke

McCann Bespoke Blog

McCann Bespoke Blog

The Contrasting Waistcoat

We love this trend and we’re really pleased to see it’s increasing in popularity for 2016. We saw a huge rise in waistcoats for weddings in 2014/15, but now, we’re taking wedding fashion to the next level. A contrasting waistcoat can look cool, slick and a little bit alternative without going all-out crazy for your big day. The most popular colour for us is grey, but you can make a lot of colours work for it.

This can fit into your wedding outfit in quite a simple, understated way – it’s also something you can play about with, perhaps you could wear a blue jacket with a grey waistcoat whilst your ushers wear the opposite? This gives you a bit of individuality if you’re not feeling that brave about going off the beaten track.

Check out our Pinterest board with more great contrasting waistcoat ideas by clicking here.

McCann Bespoke Blog

McCann Bespoke Blog

Wide Lapels

Single breasted lapels have been and will continue to be the most popular choice for wedding suits. However, we have seen a bit of a shift in the type of lapel that our grooms are opting for. For a long time, the thin lapel symbolised the modernisation of the wedding suit – the thinner fit suited a thinner lapel. This is starting to change; the slim fit suit looks great with large lapels and the fashion-conscious male is starting to realise that.

We’ve put together a selection of wide lapel inspiration to get you thinking on Pinterest. Take a look by clicking here.

McCann Bespoke Blog

McCann Bespoke Blog

Double Breasted Waistcoat

It’s interesting to note the the SS16 wedding trends are a bit of a throwback to times gone by. As well as the introduction of wide lapels, the double breasted waistcoat is also making a comeback. The double breasted waistcoat is a lesson in history from 1930s tailoring (usually paired with very high-waisted trousers!) – lucky for us, the SS16 trend doesn’t require them.

Again, this is a style that doesn’t require a personal fashion re-brand. You can add it to your current look for a special addition to your wedding day suit.

For some double breasted waistcoat inspiration, visit our Pinterest board by clicking here.

McCann Bespoke Blog

McCann Bespoke Blog


With Spring/Summer 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobe. Summer clothes are starting to appear in high street shops and we’re seeing an increase in lighter fabrics being chosen for our suits, but what styles should you try, and what styles should you avoid?

White Trousers

The idea of white trousers might not be at the top of everyone’s most wanted lists, but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided. Paired with a dark navy shirt or a pop of colour, white trousers can form a great hybrid between laid-back & formal. The below image shoes some great ways to wear this key trend. Sure, it’s a bold look, but one we’d recommend trying out.


Baggy Trousers

Unlike the white trouser trend, we aren’t so keen on baggy trousers. A few pairs of baggy trousers made it through to the runway last year, but never translated to a mass audience. A number of big players featured baggy trousers as a key part of their runway show, with Craig Green even adding a quilted element to the style. We’re still fans of the well-fitted, tailored suit and this trend doesn’t really allow for clever tailoring.



This is a trend we can always get on board with. The most popular coloured suits we create are black, blue and grey. If you’re looking for something a little different without completely breaking down the fashion barriers, a grey suit can offer you that in a way that a black suit simply cannot. Warmer months usually bring in a wide range of colours, but this year it, surprisingly, hasn’t. How is this different from any other year? Well, we’re glad you asked; the use of different shades of grey and textures have created a unique SS16 space for this ‘different’ type of grey. Image from GQ.



Again, we like this. Green has been around on the catwalks for a few seasons, but this season it exploded onto the runway. The reason we like this and we haven’t in previous years is because of the way it has been done. Head-to-toe green is not a good look, but it seems designers have realised that. As a result, what we’ll see this year is hints of green; a green peacoat, a green tie or a green shirt. Remember, accents of colour is a lot more pleasing on the eye that a head-to-toe green look. Another picture from GQ below…


We understand; wearing a patterned suit is quite a bold move; perhaps it’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone? Or completely out of your comfort zone? Don’t worry – we’re on hand to talk you through how to pull-off this highly sought after look, with a little help from some celebrity advocates…

Windowpane Suits

This is probably the boldest of the patterned suit options, but it doesn’t have to be. When thinking about windowpane suits, many people see thick lines drawn onto unflattering fabrics. Enter McCann Bespoke. Toning down the lines of your suit can look fantastic, take Jon Hamm for example…


This laid back look has an air of sophistication to it that a standard suit might not offer – especially in the beige. The thin, simple lines aren’t quite as scary as the first images that come to mind when faced with the thought of a windowpane suit. So, when do you wear a suit like this? We don’t recommend it for everyday work wear, it’s more of a ‘special occasion’ suit. It’s a look suitable for after work drinks or (if you’re planning on wearing beige), a summer cocktails evening. If you’re going dark, wear this with a pair of simple brogues. If you’re thinking beige is for you, try a pain of loafers for a chilled out look.

Striped Suits

This type of suit is fairly tame in the complex world of patterned suits. It’s quite common for the modern, fashionable gentleman to own a striped suit. As Ryan Gosling shows us, below, the striped suit offers a 1920s throwback. A striped suit was the original ‘business suit’ for the flashier man, nowadays, that ‘flashy’ stigma has been dropped and it oozes sophistication. So, how do you go about wearing a striped suit? The rules are fairly simple; just make sure you wear a plain shirt – or more importantly, don’t wear a striped shirt. If you’re instant on taking your style to the next level, why not try a gingham shirt or a statement tie? Polkadot ties can work well!



Plaid Suits

Pulling off a plaid suit can be a difficult feat – but it can be done! The most notable celebrity plaid wearer is Eddie Redmayne – his quirky style pulls it off fantastically well. But, how does he do it? Firstly, this pattern is primarily reserved for winter wear. The fabric is thicker than its striped counterparts, so bear that in mind when selecting your suit fabric. Dependent on where you work, it could be appropriate for the office. Keep everything else simple; try a plain white shirt, and, if you do want to go all out, try wearing coloured socks as Eddie Redmayne has here…


Hopefully this has given you a bit of confidence to try a patterned suit, with some ideas on how to go about it. Of course, we would advise you on how to go about your look and offer some different options to try on, should you wish you come into store. Trying a patterned suit is certainly out of a lot of people’s comfort zones, but give it a go – you may just find your style!

In years gone by, a belt was only seen as a decorative accessory, primarily because most men wore braces in order to hold their trousers up. More recently, braces have benefitted from a revival of sorts. But, when is it acceptable to wear braces nowadays? And, if you do wear them – how should they be worn?

What style should you go for? 

Our selection of designs are all button-on braces. Clip-on braces are really not that practical; they slip off very easily and aren’t as well-made as the button on style. Wherever possible, we’d suggest always opting for the button option. You’ll usually find the button to clip the braces to in the inside waistband of your trousers – if your trousers don’t have suspender buttons, don’t threat, you can come into us to get them added, or, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can add a button yourself. There are plenty of DIY brace button addition tutorials online.

We’d suggest only wearing braces with mid-to-long rise trousers. Although braces have come back into fashion lately, it’s important to remember what made them so fashionable in years gone by. Braces don’t work with low-rise trousers, so the placement of the trouser needs to be hanging at or just about your waist.

What not to do

We’ve touched on the importance of never wearing a belt and braces. We should add that a belt shouldn’t be worn with any formalwear; side adjusters and braces are perfectly adequate for formalwear and as a result, the need of a belt becomes obsolete.

On this point, it’s important to remember that braces are considered as underwear. Unlike a tie clip or a pocket square, braces look better under a jacket, waistcoat or jumper. A subtle hint of the brace is perfectly acceptable, and so is taking your jacket off after a long night to reveal the braces. However, planning your outfit around having your braces showing is not recommended.

Tailoring tips

When you come in for an appointment, these are things we’ll discuss with you. But, nevertheless, it’s always good to know these tailoring tips in general, should you ever find yourself needing them. Firstly, the trousers you wear with your braces should be loose. It eradicates the importance of the braces, which primary use (over the fashionable aspect) is to hold your trousers up. When buying trousers off the rack, keep this in mind if you’re planning to wear braces with them.

Never buy braces that aren’t adjustable; they will need tweaking on your height and weight and they may also need tweaking in between wearing them. If you’re taller than 6″3, we’d recommend buying long braces. Braces that are too small for you can be very uncomfortable on the shoulders.

Hopefully this covers all areas of brace wearing. Should you have any specific questions or requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There’s more to a suit than meets the eye and at McCann Bespoke we’re very precise when it comes to the smaller details. We thought we’d share with you some top tie tips you should consider when picking out your perfect tie. To ‘tie’ in with this blog post, we’re also offering 3 for 2 on all ties on our website using the code MCB3FOR2.

Your tie should be the same width as your lapel

McCann Bespoke Tie

This is something you may not consciously look for in a suit, but something you’d certainly notice if it was askew. Thin ties and thin lapels are having their moment in the limelight at the moment, but of course, taste and style play a big part in this. The width of a tie is measured at the widest point just before the tip. You’ll find the industry standard size is 9cm, but some people will go down as far as 6cm. The width also depends on the style of the tie. Knitted ties are typically between 6-8cm whilst printed ties, such as our Polka Dot range, benefit from a little extra width.

Your tie should be darker than your shirt

McCann Bespoke Ties

This is a general rule, but there are exceptions. We recommend picking out the primary colour of your shirt and then choosing a tie with a similar colour somewhere on it. For example, if you’re wearing a thin striped blue and white shirt, why not try a tie similar to this one. Mixing polkadot with stripes is a winning combination.

Remember, not all ties work. So if you’ve picked a tie that’s darker than your shirt, it doesn’t automatically mean it’ll look good. Try to avoid the following fashion faux pas:

  • Avoid two bold, clashing patterns. An example of this is a large polkadot black & white shirt with a blue plaid tie.
  • Don’t pair two large patterns or two small patterns. Your patterns should complement each other.
  • Generally, stripe on stripe doesn’t work. This is particularly true of stripes that go in different directions, for example, a vertical striped shirt with a horizontal striped tie is a no-no.

Avoid over-accessorising 

McCann Bespoke Ties

The male fashion industry is flourishing at the moment. As a result, there are more choices than ever when it comes to ways to accessorise your suit. Tie pins and pocket squares are available in a wide array of colours and styles and can make or break a suit. With this in mind, it’s important not to over accessorise. We suggest using 1 or 2 of the three major accessories options around the chest area. These options are; a pocket square, a tie pin or a lapel pin. It’s usually not recommended to wear a lapel pin and pocket square at the same time as it can look a bit fussy. Of course, as always, there are exceptions to this rule.

On this note, make sure your pocket square doesn’t match your tie in its pattern or fabric. It’s meant to add a level of sophistication without looking too ‘matchy’.

The length of your tie

McCann Bespoke Ties

The length of your tie is a minefield. Many 1990s schoolboys would probably disagree, but your tie should just reach the waistband of your trousers or be slightly shorter. This is the general rule when it comes to British tailoring but can differ from country to country. For example, Italian tailoring tends to favour an even longer tie, which is why you may see the likes of George Clooney wearing a tie past the waistband of his trousers, but the most common style just touches the waistband.

We hope this has been helpful to you – after you’ve got the basis of wearing a tie down to a tee, we’ll be offering more ‘advanced’ tips on how to style your tie to perfection!

Last week you may’ve seen us tweeting about Neil McCann (McCann Bespoke) meets Neil McCann (Footballer & Sky Sports Pundit). Now, we’ve got some more pictures to share with you from the day.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll also be sharing a video with you from the day. Hopefully, this will give you a bit of a behind the scenes look at how we conduct a fitting & what to expect from yours.









Earlier this year, McCann Bespoke supported Cricket United Day by providing bespoke blue suits to a number of the commentators. Take a look at some of the highlights in our first ever YouTube video below.

If you’re interested in seeing more from us, make sure you’re subscribed to our channel.

McCann Bespoke is proud to support Leicester City Football Club for the 2015/16-football season. Placed 3rd in the Premier League standings, the club has enjoyed an excellent start to the season and continue to consistently perform week in, week out.

McCann Bespoke has been working alongside the Premier League football club to provide support, including providing bespoke, fitted suits for the team.

All players, coaching and support staff were individually fitted with a suit, tie and shirt, handcrafted by McCann Bespoke.

The suits were expertly made from Italian Super 120s material with an Italian horsehair and linen canvas, which gives a clean shaped look through the waist and chest. The pocket was embroidered with a fox’s head with the lining being carefully selected to replicate Leicester City Football Club’s colours. The shirts are made from Egyptian Cotton with Mother of Pearl buttons and contrast stitching, with each of the players initials embroidered into the back of the collar

Leicester City Commercial Director Ian Flanagan said: “McCann’s professional, knowledgeable and creative tailors provided exactly the kind of bespoke service we were looking for. From design consultation, through to a thorough fitting schedule, to finishing touches and delivery, they catered to the individual needs of every player and staff member, resulting in a look a Premier League football club can be extremely proud of.”

Director of McCann Bespoke, Neil McCann said: “We’ve enjoyed working with the team and the staff behind the scenes to create an understated suit that encapsulates what Leicester City Football Club are all about. I’m very excited about this partnership and looking forward to a successful season all year round.”

Please take a look at the suits below, we’d love to know what you think!

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